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LED Maple Tree 48W

  • Part Number: DVL0516-DDLM0243-0048-1

  • LED Maple Tree 48W

Height - 180Cm
Width - 130Cm
Indoor  Installation Only
48W 800 LED's
Shipping as a pallet - 290 NIS
Delievery and assmbly - 490 NIS

Color : yellow, black, white.

The only LED trees approved by the SII - The standards institution of Israel.

20 out of 44 offered LED trees are displayed in our show room .

It is very important to visit us because pictures can't describe the real beauty of the trees.

You can find not less than 100 trees in our warehouse at any given time.

Most of the trees are offered in various colors - White, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink and Purple.

it's possible to combine different colors in one tree according to your demand.

The assembly of our LED trees is simple and any one can do it.

Some of our LED Trees are waterproof and can be installed outside.