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Divolight Israel


Divolight Distribution (Israel) Ltd., established in 2005, specializes in two main areas of expertise - LED lighting and energy saving solutions. The company was founded by Divolight Group Int. and Savulkin family, the founders of Cd-Log Ltd., an Israeli leading IT company since year 2000.

The cooperation between the companies brought great success in the Israeli market. Divolight came with huge experience and professionality in the LED lighting and energy saving industry. Cd-Log on the other hand, came with an efficient logistic chain, well known reputation in the Israeli market and knowledge of the Israeli client.

It didn’t take long before the company engaged many successful projects that included, design, planning, supply and installation in the fields of : Industrial lighting, street lighting, home lighting, office lighting, sports lighting, architectural lighting ETC.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an elite brand in the lighting industry, to escort our client to a maximus energy saving result using our vast experience and knowledge. Our commitment is to provide our client with the most advanced and efficient solutions, without compromising on quality and service level.

Divolight Values


We must fulfill the high standards that lead our founders companies to great success.

Best value for you money

we believe that a good solution should be fairly priced. We will always pursuit that our products will be lower priced then competitors products with the same technical characteristics.

One Stop Solution

A main strategy of all the companies in the group, to cover all clients needs in one place.


We will always prefer to use the newest components in our products to get super-efficient results.


We never finish a project until we deliver 100% of what we promised. The protocols that we use in our solution will be always universal so the client is not obligated to work with us at any time.

Personal and focused relations

We believe in customizing a perfect solution for each client.


As a company that sales Green products, we owe it to our self to be the greenest we can in every aspect of our lives.