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LED Flood Light 100W

  • Part Number: DVL0541-AFL0011-0100-1

Divolight LED Flood lights are produced according to the newest technologies in the market.
Their especially high lighting efficiency provides economy of 70-90% of electricity consumption comparing to metal halide lamps and mercury lamps. 

The luminaires can come be controled by various dimming systems.
Moreover it can illuminate with many single colour lights or RGB / RGBW controled with DMX  protocol 

The main advantages of the search-lights (flood lamps) of Divolight:

  • The efficiency of LED models of Samsung or Philips is of 140 lumens/Watt.
  • The efficiency of flood lamps ranges from 100-115 lumens/Watt.
  • Each LED model contains an optical lens which directs the light to the desired place and prevents dazzled.
  • The lamps come with an IP65 protection level and added 4 additional layers of protection in marine environment.
  • A particularly strong stainless arm enables to install them on dynamic devices, such as levers or cranes.


  • Highlight sports, especially football pitches and tennis courts
  • Highlight industry fields and construction sites,
  • Highlight of harbors and airports,
  • Highlight of parking lots
  • Architectural illumination of buildings and other elements.
Installation Surface Mounted
Power Consuption ( +-5% ) 100 W
LED Modul Philips / Samsung / Osram
Luminous Flux 11,800 lm
Luminor Efficiency 120 lm/W
CCT ( Correlated Color Temperature ) 3000-6000 K
CRI ( Color Rendering Index ) >70 / 80 / 90
Light Color White / Warm White / Cool White / Red / Green / Blue / Amber / RGB / RGBW
Beam Angle 12° / 30° / 60° / 135°x60° / 135°x85°
Reflection Type Optical Lens
Input Voltage 95-265 V
Driver MeanWell
Power Factor >95
Ambient Temperature Range -30°~+40°
Dimming Optional
Mech.Impact Protection Code IK08
Ingress Protection Code IP65
Control Protocol Optional - DMX / Dali
LED Lifespan > 60,000 Hours
Weight 5.6 KG
Dimensions 247x390x89 mm