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Import LED lighting fixtures

Divolight Israel is the exclusive importer of LED roducts by Divolight. Thanks to the direct import the cost decreases and the ability to supervise on the products quality raises. All our products are under high QA performance and provide extraordinary durability.

Understanding customer needs

Divolight Israel advisers characterize customers’ needs and fit the optimal lighting solution, Both ROI and design wise. One of the characterization steps is a computerized lighting simulation which gives a true assessment of the result in the end of the project

Project escorting

Divolight specialists accompany all customers from planning their projects and instillation. The company transfer all required technology including installation methodology to local employees.


Divolight Israel has several official subcontractors who performs the installation. Divolight carefully select her subcontractors and putting them through periodic training by Divolight engineers. Divolight take full responsibility on her subcontractors work.

Business models

Divolight Israel suggest several business models One payment purchase will give high annual revenue Multiple payments following the ROI – being energy efficient for free Divolight will pay for the project and the costumer and Divolight will split the saving- the costumer saves money from day one.

Energy efficiency survey and ROI report

Divolight Israel engineers perform Energy efficiency surveys with advanced equipment to receive the exact data. Afterwards a comparison is made between the existing and the LED lighting solutions. Finally the costumer will receive a table with the exact numbers of energy and maintenance savings’ and the ROI of the suggested project.