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DALI Wall mount Rotary Dimmer Switch DT6

  • מותג: Divolight
  • מק"ט: DVL0542-AC2410RG-DIM-GL

Wall mount DALI Rotary Dimmer Switch control panel DVL0542-AC2410RG-DIM-GL is a  DALI DT6 controller that controls 1 channels output via a single DALI address. The panel controls 1 group address. The group of devices on DALI circuit s to be controlled can be assigned manually by 1 rotary switches on the back. All DALI devices on the circuit can be controlled by the panel through broadcast. The DALI panel enables dimming commands,  DT6 commands to be sent to the selected group.  It is compatible with universal DALI masters that support DT6 commands and controls DT6 devices. It is easy to use and no configuration by computer required. Compatible with existing standard size frames from Berker, Merten, Gira, the DALI push button controller can be wall mounted easily.

Key Features

  •  Comply to DALI standard protocol IEC 62386-102, IEC 62386-207 and in compliance with DALI products from other international incorporation.
  • DALI bus powered, one channel DALI bus can install multiple dimming controllers.
  • No external power supply which is provided by DALI bus. Consumption current is 4mA.
  • Enable to select and control 1 DALI group Enable to control all devices on the DALI circuit through broadcast
  • Plastic or glass front plate optional
  • Backlighting design to indicate the dimming status
  • Enable to Set Start Group Number  Manually by 1 Rotary Switches on the back
  • Easy to Use, No Configuration by Computer Required
  • Easy Installation, Compatible with Existing Standard Size Frames
  • Group Control Single Color DALI DT6