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Architectural Lighting

Project Benefits

  • Improve company image

    LED Architectural Lighting is the best way to get your business noticed without having to invest in any major construction work to your current premises. Make a difference and stand out from the crowd.

  • Increase turnover

    It has been proven that lighting can assist in creating a better awareness and improve your company image. This is turn can increase the annual turnover and profitability of an organization.

  • Increase Make an unforgettable impression

    Impressive experiences will stay in our memories forever. By usingarchitectural LED lighting in and around our premises is one of the easiest ways of marketing with very little effort.

  • Customize and adjustthe appearance of your building at any given time

    Our extensive range of control systems will allow you to change the appearance of your building at the touch of a button. With the ability to not only address our fixtures but each individual LED within the fittings. Our products are a designers dream and second to none in regards to their capabilities.

Project Risks

  • Low quality equipment can result in high maintenance bills

    Don’t be fooled by less expensive alternatives, these are cheaper for a reason. With over 50 components in fittings and control units there are many ways a manufacturer can offer a cheaper solution but these can come with a price, one that you will have to pay for in the long run with repeat high maintenance costs.

  • Bad planning can destroy the architectural lines of the building

    A good architectural lighting solution should be aesthetically pleasing and complement the original architectural lines of a structure. Without a professional design and a detailed plan the effect of what you were visualizing may not become reality.

  • Dividing a project between multiple suppliers can be a major risk

    A good way to save money on a project is to split the individual elements between multiple sub-contractors. This has been proven to be successful until something goes wrong. Who has the liability? Who takes the responsibility? Will the warranty still be valid? This can be a costly price to pay for any business pay in the long run.

Why Divolight?

  • Attention to detail - Our team of project managers will not just sell you a solution or a product, they will oversee the entire project from start to finish.

  • Our team of designers will firstly listen to your requirement and then put together a design that matches your needs.

  • A project manager will take full ownership of your project making sure that all the elements required to guarantee a smooth, seamless installation are covered.

  • As we manufacture our own products, quality assurance is always guaranteed. Our QA team oversee the manufacturing of every product making sure that only consistent, tested products our manufacturing facilities.

  • All our installers get regular training so that they are full averse with current installation methods ensuring a smooth, fast and efficient installation of every project.

  • Market leading technology guaranteed

    A company is only as good as the products it produces. At Divolight we have heavily invested in an experienced Quality Assurance team that have only the responsibility of ensuring our manufacturing facilitiesproduce only the best possible products for our clients. No corner is ever cut and every product is tested to allow us to offer our clients full peace of mind when using Divolight products.

  • Complete value for money

    With many amazing products on the market we had to find a way to make us competitive without hindering the quality of our products. What we found was to test our products toughly and to engineer them to perfection without over engineering them. With these 2 practices put in place Divolight can offer a quality product at a competitive cost giving our clients excellent value for money.

  • Full Service and support

    The sale doesn’t stop once the purchase is made. Our aftersales and support is second to none. We will guide you through every aspect of your project, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the service and support you receive. Our satisfaction is not your first order but your repeat business.

  • Certified products and proved expirience

    It is not just our products that are tried and tested. At Divolight we have a vast range of experience that we will always share with our clients. Even with amazing products you can still fall short of delivering an amazing solution if you don’t have the expertise and experience. At Divolight we have handpicked our teams ensuring that we can offer both.


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