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Industrial Lighting

Project benefits

  • Huge Economical saving – energy and maintenance

    LED is one of the simplest was to reduce your capital expenditure by making a simple purchase. Not only is LED a proven way to cut energy costs and improve your carbon footprint but by using such Solid State Lighting sources, maintenance is almost null in void. With many products having 3 to 5 year warranties to L70 or L90 our clients have not only reduced their electricity bills but have noticed a huge reduction in maintenance call out costs.

  • Lighting for a nice and comfortable atmosphere

    Creating bright LEDs is not all the LED lighting industry is about. Our QA team also work with many lensing and diffuser partners spending time designing the perfect optics guaranteeing an optimal lumen output whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing working environment. It is proven that good lighting creates a more positive and productive results.

  • Improve company image – status of a green factory

    Today there is a big awareness of protecting the environment, and big resources are invested in it all over the world. LED luminaires save a big amount of energy, generate much less heat and all its components are easily recycled. A green status factory is not an expensive marketing move, which not only attracts new clients but will save you money in the process.

Project risks

  • Low quality equipment can result in high maintenance bills

    Don’t be fooled by less expensive alternatives, these are cheaper for a reason. With over 50 components in fittings and control units there are many ways a manufacturer can offer a cheaper solution but these can come with a price, one that you will have to pay for in the long run with repeat high maintenance costs.

  • Dividing a project between multiple suppliers can be a major risk

    A good way to save money on a project is to split the individual elements between multiple sub-contractors. This has been proven to be successful until something goes wrong. Who has the liability? Who takes the responsibility? Will the warranty still be valid? This can be a costly price to pay for any business pay in the long run.

  • Negative effect on working conditions and company productivity

    Repeating illumination failures can cause fast lighting decrease, light flickering or total darkness in the factory. All these can seriously damage the working conditions and the productivity of the company.

  • Lighting projects without professional planning

    Engaging a project without light calculations can cause many problems. Not satisfying light amount, not even lighting with dark areas, not efficient energy consumption, big failure percentage because of not suitable luminaires for the environment they are installed in. We believe that it’s important to know the final result before engaging the project.

  • Not far enough examination of the project

    The cheap comes out expensive “how many times have we heard that? It’s very important to examine how much money we can save of the project in the long term. Usually more expensive products will be more efficient and can save more energy. Because of that you can compensate the price difference by saving more energy and eventually make a bigger profit over the years. Furthermore, efficient products are usually more reliable and can work a longer period of time.

Why Divolight?

  • Attention to detail - Our team of project managers will not just sell you a solution or a product, they will oversee the entire project from start to finish.

  • Our team of designers will firstly listen to your requirement and then put together a design that matches your needs.

  • A project manager will take full ownership of your project making sure that all the elements required to guarantee a smooth, seamless installation are covered.

  • As we manufacture our own products, quality assurance is always guaranteed. Our QA team oversee the manufacturing of every product making sure that only consistent, tested products our manufacturing facilities.

  • All our installers get regular training so that they are full averse with current installation methods ensuring a smooth, fast and efficient installation of every project.

  • Market leading technology guaranteed

    A company is only as good as the products it produces. At Divolight we have heavily invested in an experienced Quality Assurance team that have only the responsibility of ensuring our manufacturing facilitiesproduce only the best possible products for our clients. No corner is ever cut and every product is tested to allow us to offer our clients full peace of mind when using Divolight products.

  • Best Value for your money

    With many amazing products on the market we had to find a way to make us competitive without hindering the quality of our products. What we found was to test our products toughly and to engineer them to perfection without over engineering them. With these 2 practices put in place Divolight can offer a quality product at a competitive cost giving our clients excellent value for money.

  • ROI – return of investment like never before

    The combination of super-efficient equipment and very competitive pricing generates an extremely fast return of investment period, in average only 10-18 month. Furthermore, clients that decided to cooperate with us have managed to get an annual income of over 30% on the invested resources.

  • Verity of financial models

    We offer various financial models so that every client may choose the most convenient way for him to save energy. Some will benefit of aggressive pricing, some will engage an energy saving project without investing resources at all, and some will make a profit from day one.


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